Premium pathogen free freeze dried Nannochloropsis sp.

Nannochloropsis sp. is one of the most extensively used microalgae in aquaculture. Besides having EPA as important ω-3 fatty acid, Nannochloropsis sp. is also a rich source of pigments such as β-carotene, violaxanthin and zeaxanthin.

NannoPrime consists of Nannochloropsis sp. that is produced under the most stringently controlled conditions (HACCP and GMP certified (FCA certificate BE 01/1522.GF)). It is freeze dried according to a proprietary process to yield a premium grade product with the longest shelf life, no nutrient leakage, maintenance of the correct lipid profiles and an ensured bioavailability of ω-3 poly-unsaturated fatty acids.

product information

Cryotech NAAC

RUNWAY - high performance solid de-icer

AMS 1431 certified

Readily biodegradable

Excellent performance

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