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helping to create a clear view on tomorrow's chemistry

our 'for school and student' -program

Our ‘for school and student’ program is a program tailored to what Proviron can offer to schools, pupils and students from our company perspective.

We provide challenging internships, can help with theses and papers, and are happy to start the interview process even if you have not yet completed your degree.

In doing so, we want to give the new generation a sustainable view of the future.


between the practical chemistry

A great internship is above all a place in an organization where you see the real side of the job, where you can do things yourself and contribute to the team. And we have to organize all this safely.
That is why each intern is assigned a dedicated mentor/buddy who will walk with them as a sympathetic friend. And at the same time as a concerned parent will intervene to prevent any mishaps.
That is our way of taking an internship to the next level.

Internships are offered in different time frame and program as per the demand of the school.
We provide thorough supervision and evaluation.

We also tattoo our logo on your left arm as standard enrolment. (lol)

paper support

need help from an expert?

An education is to discover for yourself. And what better way to explore than with someone who can show you the way. A few words, practical solutions or seasoned theories. An expert on the job can certainly help you.

Paper support exists in a lot of different formats. From proofreading and commenting, to working together on a research or PhD project.

Just be aware, your expert expects an undying respect. 😉


a joboffering before you graduate?

Let’s face it it’s a great prospect when you get to attend a job interview while you are still in college and already have an employment proposal in hand.

Just make sure that you can start your job in an undamaged state after the summer vacations, because this is not covered by the insurance..

why you should consider proviron

the sustainable DNA of chemistry

sustainability and chemistry a paradox? Not for us. Because in our DNA, sustainability is embedded. That’s where our company name comes from. PROcesses and enVIRONment. For 45 years and counting.

a lean business culture

We can also call it a family atmosphere, because we work like a family of professionals. But it is above all the lean business structure that is woven into the organization as an optimized process.

no-nonsense approach

For us, no-nonsense approach means:

  • Take the initiative to tackle and improve things.
  • Think of a solution, make a proposal to improve a process.
  • Roll up your sleeves to make it happen.

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