• Raw materials:
    Proviron has the capacity to handle a wide variety of raw materials. This is a non-exhaustive list: metallic sodium, o-xylene, oleum (SO3), chlorosulphonic acid, hydrogen sulphide (H2S), piperazine, prepolymers, amines (TEA, TMA, …), hydrogen peroxide, benzene, toluene, xylene, butylchloride, isocyanates, ethylene oxide, polyols, fatty acids and vegetable oils.
  • Unit operations:
    Our unit operations are equally diverse: centrifugation, condensation, decolouration, dehydration, dispersion, distillation, drying, emulsification, extraction, filtration, fractional crystallisation, mixing & blending.
  • Applied chemistry:
    We are experts in many methods of applied chemistry such as addition, amidation, chlorosulphonation, condensation, esterification (continuous & batch), transesterification, etherification, neutralisation, quaternisation, substitution, sulphatation and sulphonation.
  • Installed equipment:
    Proviron boasts a wide range of installed equipment: multi-purpose units; glass-lined & stainless steel reactors; auxiliaries like dryers, flakers, filters, centrifuges, distillation equipment and scrubbers.
  • A flavour of our capabilities:
    Vacuum down to 10 mbar and pressure up to 6 bar; working temp up to + 250 °C (480 °F); liquid & solid product handling; continuous & batch, 5 m³ to 25 m³ reactors; and much, much more ...

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