Microalgae play a critical role in the marine aquaculture of mollusk, shrimp and fish. This is mainly due to their perfect match with the nutritional profile of fish larvae and rotifers. Microalgae are indeed the perfect feed for rotifers before they are supplied to fish larva.

Moreover, the bio-availability of essential nutrients (such as ω 3 oils) of microalgae is much higher than in conventional sources (such as fish oil).

The Proviron Prime microalgae range includes two major marine algae species: Nannochloropsis sp. and Isochrysis aff. galbana ("Tahitian strain"). Both are renowned for their beneficial effects in aquaculture.

Proviron offers freeze dried microalgae, which are perfectly re-suspensible in water. Our products can compete with live algae in rotifer culture and green water technology.