Polyurethane Systems

Isocyanates, prepolymers, polyol system blends, amine catalysts, silicone surfactants ... you name it!

In the field of polyurethanes, Proviron boasts extensive know-how, built on many decades of experience.

Proviron is a polyurethane systems house that is recognised both in Europe and the US. Our manufacturing facilities include stainless steel mixing reactors with capacities ranging from 3 to 260 cubic metres (750 to 68,000 gallons). All reactors can be cooled down and heated up and are placed on load cells. Obviously, we process both liquids and solids.

Our laboratory is equipped for analytical and physical testing, and includes spectroscopy and chromatography facilities. PU foam mechanical testing is possible in our specialised foam lab.

Proviron offers the use of stainless steel storage tanks in a wide variety of sizes. Our logistical services include filling pails, drums and IBCs. We are even fully integrated into some of our customers’ ERP systems, enabling them to be very cost efficient.