In 2007, Proviron finalised the biodiesel reactor construction on the Ostend site. Since then we have been a provider of bioenergy, for example our Provichem® FAME biodiesel. This is produced from rapeseed oil or other raw materials such as sunflower seed oil, soybean oil and other renewables.

This biodiesel production line fits in with Proviron’s long-term strategy to produce green chemicals. For example, by-products such as glycerine can be turned into valuable products for the plastics or feed industry.

For the production of biogas we supply carbon sources Provigrow® G300 and Provigrow® H100.

Proviron is the only Belgian biodiesel producer to invest in the industrial production of microalgae. Algae are widely considered as an energy source and a chemical raw material of the future.

Discover our biodiesel and how it is helping us to develop even more green chemicals